Model Research

New 2020


Contours that capture movement, even at a standstill. Simplified essential characteristics that embrace the Japanese philosophy of “less is more.” This is the compelling evolution in our design aesthetic. Reflections of light across its surface create more complex and intriguing shapes. Poised and dignified, it beckons to be driven.

Wherever you’re headed, discover life’s experiences while settled in the cabin of the Mazda3. Meticulously crafted by the Mazda Takumi––artisans and craftsmen who hone their skills for years, even decades, to achieve mastery. Materials and finishes selectively chosen by them––tailored just for you. From designer to driver, this connection creates a formidable bond between you and your Mazda.

The available predictive all-wheel drive helps forecast the possible loss of traction by actively monitoring everything from outside temperature and windshield wiper usage to the driver’s steering and braking inputs.

With the i-Activsense® suite of safety features,5 sophisticated innovations alert you to hazards to help you avoid collisions—or lessen their impact. These features help improve your visibility and awareness of the road, and help monitor the traffic conditions around you.


Starting MSRP

$22,000 est.




Skyactiv Technology


Inspiring the road ahead


Beauty by Subtraction


Commitment to craftsmanship


Inclusive and inviting to all